How to use the tutorial section
If you want to consult our skills tutorials, simply choose one particular package from the left-hand menu. If you click on it, further submenu options will appear.

This site supports two types of users within the Romance Language academic community:

  • Students that retrieve material stored at the portal, either as part of a pre-defined course or obtained using the search tool provided; and secondarily

  • Academics that retrieve teaching materials that can be used to enhance the research training courses that they teach.

The tutorials are conceived with the following properties in mind:

  • Modularity: each tutorial is formed as much as possible as an independent component that can be followed separately from the rest.

  • Self-tuition: the tutorials do not require external supervision, thus users remain in charge of the course and responsible for their own teaching.

  • Flexibility: the course can be tailored to suit the individual academic needs of users and their projects.

  • Re-usability: the tutorials follow the 'anytime-anywhere learning' paradigm and contain a large number of links that are kept up-to-date, thus forming a research playground for the users. Moreover, users can re-use the tutorials at different stages of their research with different aims in mind and with potentially different results.

  • User-friendly search functionality: the materials are built into a system where each resource is tagged individually with metadata (e.g. hyperlinks).