What is a researcher?

A researcher is a scholar who can, or will in time through learning and experience, demonstrate:

  • specialized knowledge or expertise, conceptual and intellectual capacities such as the ability to identify and frame key problems, to think critically and analytically, and to generate and communicate interesting and original insights.
  • academic skills such as the ability to produce scholarly high-quality written work and research papers - clearly composed so that the argument, and the evidence that supports it, can be grasped by the intended audience (whether specialist or more general, a conference delegate or a reader with time to reflect).
  • research skills such as the ability to use sources effectively, to gather and organize information, to analyze text, data and theory.

  • personal attributes such as the ambition and ability to work to high standards, to take initiative and responsibility, to be well organized in one's procedures and balanced in one's judgements, to collaborate well with others where appropriate, and to take on board and incorporate constructive criticism.

  • social skills such as the ability to liaise with students, colleagues and academics from other institutions in an effective and appropriate way, to be able to adjust to different circumstances required by academia and to integrate into the larger community of scholars.