Virtual libraries

This is a search engine that allows you to scour all major virtual libraries.

Also not a virtual library but a search engine which trawls through all major virtual libraries.

Exeter Textes Littéraires électroniques
Through this site you can access literary texts and you can also place your order if you wish. Access is free of charge.

ABU : La bibliothèque universelle
On this site you will find information on books and be able to consult the texts of online catalogues. Access is free of charge.

Poésie française
On this site you will find more than 5.500 French poems from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. You can also search for a particular poem. Access is free of charge.

Le Laboratoire de Français Ancien
On this site you will find information on three libraries. 4.5 million documents are available, 1 million monographs, 9 million magazines, 12 million musical documents. Access is free to all students.

Gallica: la bibliothèque numérique
A project of the BNF, this online library offers access to 70000 literary works, 80000 images and a vast amount of sound materials. Available online and free of charge.

Athena Textes français
This is an online library organized by Geneva University offering access to francophone literature.

ClicNet: Littérature francophone virtuelle du XIXe siècle
A virtual library dedicated to nineteenth-century French literature.

Enlightened Discourse: 18th-Century French Writings
This site's over 300 links lead to the major historical events, cultural and literary issues of eighteenth-century France, and lead as well to over 350 literary, scientific, philosophical and economic works by 51 of the period's authors. It is the largest collection of its kind, and it stands as a library-style resource.

Littérature orale et écrite des îliens
A great website for basic information on French Caribbean writers: Littérature guadeloupéenne, haïtienne, martiniquaise, littérature de l'Océan indien, littérature polynésienne.